1. Take cover from the packaging and unroll it in the boat.
  2. If the boat does not have adequate support for the cover place the supplied height adjustable cover support in position to support the cover.
    Note: Some boats without seats or windshields may need a second or third support.
  3. Attached the short bow strap below the bow eye to help hold the cover in place on the bow.
  4. Pull the cover to each corner on the stern of the boat and use the supplied straps to attach the corners to the frame of the trailer.
  5. Take the strap from the Ratchet Secure System (belly strap) from the port (Left) side of the cover and attach it with the supplied ratchet to the starboard (right) side tow ring. Do the same for the starboard side belly strap. Tighten each ratchet just enough to snug the belly strap around the gunnels of the boat.
    Note: If there are no tow rings on the boat, attach the Port and Starboard sides of the strap to each other using the supplied carabineers and ratchet the strap tight.
    Caution: Do not over tighten as doing so may damage the tow rings on your boat or the boat itself.
  6. Once the Ratchet Secure System is snug, begin attaching the cover to the frame of the trailer using the supplied straps. Work from the bow back to the stern.
    Caution: Do not over tighten the straps.
  7. Tie excess strap material back to the strap or if desired you can cut the excess strap material. Carefully cauterize cut ends to keep strap from fraying.
  8. If you are trailering your boat, check the cover frequently and retighten the belly strap and the trailer straps as needed. The cover should be snug on the boat.
  9. Remove any standing water immediately after rain/snow. Standing water will stretch the fabric. Pooling water will leak into the boat through any seams.

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